This Animation and series of stills was the final assessment of the Digital Media TAFE course. The requirements where to model and animate a movie that was at least 30 seconds long and had to contain living motion.

My animation started its life as a “Gladiator” type medieval gauntlet; however I struggled to animate a human body the way I wanted it so I turned it into a robot. The good part about this change was that any unorthodox movements become not only acceptable, but desired, as robots simply do not move as fluidly as a human body would.

All modeling, texturing and animation was done in Maya 6 and took 4 months to complete, I estimate it would have been 600+ hours worth of work and about 150+ hours to render.

Many Textures where created with guidance from tutorials found on various websites, with 1 or 2 being directly taken off the web and only slightly altered. Other than that everything in this animation is my work.