Over the last 10 years I have designed and developed a number of websites using various coding languages, ranging from small 4 or 5 page websites in plain HTML, to large Database driven Custom CMS websites.

My portfolio includes a range of sites coded in pure HTML table based layouts and in CSS driven table-less Sites. A large selection of the bellow sites are either driven by my own ASP custom CMS system or my own PHP custom CMS system.

This page features a selection of Sites I have created over time, unfortunately due to a hard drive crash a few years ago I had lost a number of sites I made along the way.

The sites that are no longer live have been moved over to an apache server thus many of the ASP coded sites have been converted to PHP to maintain their functionality.

The selection process for featuring these sites is not that they are my best work, but they have been chosen to highlight my progress with design and programming concepts throughout the years.

HFA / CeBIT Australia Sites



Custom WordPress Themes:

Flash Sites

HTML Sites:

Design Concepts:

Promotional CD:

Gone, But not forgotten

In Development: