I am a Full-Stack Web & Software Developer with over fifteen years of experience. Over countless hours I have discovered that I have a passion and talent for creating works that are both highly functional and technically sound.

I have also discovered that I have a knack for understanding new theories & concepts – I am an adamant perfectionist when it comes to just about anything I do.

Current Skill set

  • Responsive Mobile first HTML & CSS3 – Bootstrap, SASS
  • JavaScript (Vanilla JS, JQuery, Angular)
  • PHP (Web Server & CRON)
  • CRM / CMS packages – WordPress, OsCommerce, Marketo
  • MySQL
  • Git
  • SEO & PPC
  • Java
  • Python
Legacy Technology
  • ASP (classic)
  • Visual Basic
  • Adobe Flash
Software Packages
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • MySQL
  • Jet Brains Web Suite
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Maya 3d
  • and more…


At the start of 2019, I am entering my 4th year of a 6 year course Studying a Bachelor of
Computer Science with gaming specialisation at Charles Sturt University



A license Pyrotechnician in the state of N.S.W. Australia for over twenty years, performing
professional grade pyrotechnic shows ranging from from Chinese String Crackers, Indoor Close
Proximity Fireworks, Aerial Shells up to 125mm and Aerial Salutes up to 75mm.

A founding member of the Pyrotechnics Industry Association of Australia (PIAA), Based in Sydney
but have performing shows all over NSW for all types of events.

Car Enthusiast

An active member in the Skylines Australia NSW car club I regularly volunteer to help run events.

Social Media

You can connect with me professionally on LinkedIn,
or stalk me through Twitter



Wizardry Fireworks

PRODOCOM Australia

Hannover Fairs Australia

E-Web Marketing

Freelance Websites

Personal Projects

Tipping Comp


National Pyrotechnics

iblott accessories


Avoiding SEO Pitfalls: Understanding Content Cannibalization and Its Impact

Introduction: In the complex world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the term “content cannibalization” refers to a situation where multiple pages on your website compete for the same or very similar keywords. While it may seem harmless, content cannibalization can have detrimental effects on your search rankings and user experience. This blog post serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding content cannibalization, its impact on SEO, and strategies to mitigate its effects for a healthier online presence.

  1. Content Cannibalization Unveiled: When SEO Strategies Clash: Begin by defining content cannibalization in the context of SEO. Explore how it occurs when multiple pages target the same or closely related keywords, leading to internal competition and confusion for search engines.
  2. The SEO Dilemma: How Content Cannibalization Hurts Your Rankings: Dive into the impact of content cannibalization on SEO rankings. Understand how Google interprets conflicting signals from competing pages, resulting in a diluted ranking potential for the targeted keywords.
  3. User Confusion: The Hidden Cost of Content Cannibalization: Uncover the user experience implications of content cannibalization. Explore how having multiple pages vying for the same keywords can confuse visitors, leading to a suboptimal experience and potential bounce rates.
  4. Identifying Content Cannibalization: Signs and Symptoms: Delve into the methods for identifying content cannibalization. Learn to recognize signs such as fluctuating rankings, diminished click-through rates, and overlapping keyword targeting within your website.
  5. Common Causes of Content Cannibalization: Addressing Root Issues: Explore the common causes of content cannibalization. From accidental duplication to content strategy misalignment, understanding the root issues is crucial for effective mitigation.
  6. Keyword Mapping and Content Audits: Unraveling Keyword Conflicts: Prioritize keyword mapping and content audits as proactive measures. Understand how these strategies help you map keywords to specific pages, ensuring clarity in your content structure and avoiding unintended competition.
  7. Consolidation vs. Differentiation: Strategic Decision-Making: Dive into the decision-making process between content consolidation and differentiation. Explore scenarios where merging similar content is beneficial versus instances where creating distinct, complementary pages makes more sense.
  8. Canonicalization: Directing SEO Authority to the Right Page: Embrace the power of canonicalization in mitigating content cannibalization. Learn how declaring a canonical URL helps search engines understand the preferred version of a page, consolidating SEO authority.
  9. Internal Linking Strategies: Guiding Search Engines and Users: Explore the role of internal linking in content cannibalization mitigation. Understand how strategic internal linking can guide search engines to the preferred page, consolidating relevance and authority.
  10. Ongoing Monitoring and Adaptation: A Crucial SEO Habit: Conclude with the importance of ongoing monitoring and adaptation. Explore tools and techniques to continuously assess your website for content cannibalization, ensuring that your SEO strategies evolve in tandem with your content.

Conclusion: Content cannibalization poses a subtle yet significant threat to the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. By understanding its impact, identifying potential instances, and implementing proactive strategies, you can ensure that your website provides a clear, optimized signal to search engines while offering a seamless and engaging experience for your visitors. Implement the insights from this guide to navigate the complexities of content cannibalization and safeguard your SEO rankings and user satisfaction.

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April 19, 2024 1:20 am

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I studied Digital Media for 12 months at Mt Druitt TAFE. While  doing so we studied The 3D Modeling Program ‘Maya’. During the course I produced a number of 3D scenes and a couple of 3D animated movies.

I have also played in other programs such as Bryce 3D, 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, Vue D’esprit and a few others. However, i have always returned to Maya as a personal preference.

Bellow are a number of works that i have produced from these various programs.

Bryce 3D: Balls

Vue D’esprit: Sulfuric

Maya: Living Room

Maya: Gauntlet