Tipping Comp

Purpose : Facebook Application

Programs : Photoshop

Scripts: FBML / FBJS / XHTML / CSS / PHP

Database: MySQL


I have been developing a Tipping Competition website for the last 2 years in parallel with this Facebook App.

The website has seem major stales over the last few months due to work commitments. However, the Facebook App is currently in it’s second season.

Consisting of the Australian NRL and Australian AFL in 2009-2010 and only the Australian NRL in 2010-2011, the app see’s over 150 users on average every week.

It operates using Facebook AJAX to submit tips, therefore eliminating the need for submitting forms, thus lessening the tediousness compared to some Tipping Competition Websites.

Another Unique feature in this App is the deficit system, where a user nominates their favorite team and they try to guess the score difference for their team each week.