Helicopter Game

Purpose : Flash Game

Programs : Adobe Flash

Scripts: ActionScript


Created as a TAFE Assessment, the project had the requirements to take a existing game from the course text and modify it to create something different. The majority of the Class simply changes Sprites and left the core functions in tact, However, I had the desire to go further and create something that was 100% entirely my own work.

This game is a 2 Player, Helicopters Rescue Vs. “duck hunt” style competition. Player one is required to use the keyboard to fly the Helicopter around and rescue the men via the rope ladder. While Player 2 uses the mouse to move the sight and cross hair to shoot the men before they could be rescued by player 1.

This project also includes other skills learned in the course like a volume control system, and the ability to enter players names and have them enter into the leader board of scores at the end.